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Fair Tax.

If Republicans were smart and really wanted to set themselves apart from the (D)onkeys they’d embrace the Fair Tax. It’s plain to see that our tax system needs an overhaul if the Treasury Secretary can’t even figure it out.

I think it’s closer to being politically viable than a lot of people think. The inevitable backlash against big government policies and high taxes will be here before you know it. Why not be bold and try something fresh? If Republicans are going to make a comeback, they need to be innovative and put an emphasis on economic freedom. The Fair Tax would do it….I really think you would see the economy take off.


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Newt Gingrich for President?

One thing I’ve noticed since November’s election is how visable Newt Gingrich still is. I know he’s got a lot going on, and is a good political observer, but I have to think that a political creature like Gingrich is still interested in political office. More specifically the highest office in the land.

Quite honestly the Republican Party has missed Newt’s intellectual firepower since he resigned as Speaker of the House.

There are a number of good contenders for the 2012 Republican nomination. Mark Sanford, Bobby Jindal among them. Youth is good, but it wouldn’t be a bad thing for the GOP to consider a tested political veteran like Gingrich, who clearly has ideas and a plan for where America needs to go. He would also be a nice contrast to the inexperienced featherweight that is Barack Obama.

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