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Tax Day Tea Parties

Been pretty impressed with the turnout that I’ve seen at the tea parties that took place around the nation today. PJTV estimates 200,000 citizens took to the streets to protest against excessive government spending, bailouts and taxation without representation. I haven’t personally attended any, but it is good to see people are concerned about the direction that the country is headed in..towards European style government and spending policies. People concerned about a government that is trying to solve problems caused partially by too much debt, by going even further into debt..which will mean massive tax increases across all income levels in the not so distant future, and tax increases that are already taking effect on state and local levels.

The time has come for ordinary citizens that believe in limited government, personal responsiblity and fiscal discipline to get more involved. But one day isn’t enough. The process has to be constant and people have to stay engaged and informed. But the tea parties are good start.

The liberal media will of course do their usual hit jobs, picking out the most extreme people to interview, and generally will mock the protests. But they’re losing power and shouldn’t be taken seriously anyway. Eventually, they won’t be able to ignore or ridicule what’s going on.


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